The company offers a wide range of allergens both for diagnosis and immunotherpary. The allergens offered covers pollens, moulds and spores, food, epithelia, insects, venom, dusts and mites. The company also undertakes to develop allergens on specific request from doctors or research scientists.

These allergens are produced in aseptic sterlie conditions from purified source materials. The seasonal products are collected, processed and stored at 20 C for meeting the annual requirement. Fungi, spores and mits are cultured in our well equipped laboratories under strict quality control protocols starting from identification of source material to sterility of finished product before being despatched to the doctor or patients.


Diagnostic Kit-A for INTRADERMAL TEST

diagnostic kit-a
  A broad range of allergens for intradermal diagnostic test (ID test) . The individual allergens is supplied in sterlie rubber capped neutral glass vials, contaning 2 ml of allergen in specified concentration. The negetaive control i.e buffered saline is supplied free of cost. The positive control Histamine acid phosphate is supplied at extra cost. The intradermal Skin-Test is a vary sensitive method, which is more reproducible. This can occasionally give false positive results. The allergenic extracts used in intradermal tests are aqueous and are likely to deteriorate rapidly.

Diagnostic Kit-B for Prick test


A limited range of important allergens for diagnostic prick tests. The individual allergen is supplied in sterile rubber capped neutral glass vial, containing 2 ml . Of allergens in specified concentration. The polythene droplet applicators and prick test needles are supplied separately to perfrom the tests. The negetive control glycerinated buffred saline is supplied free of cost. The positive control Glycerinated Histamine acid phosphate is supplied at extra cost. Prick-test is preferred for intial testing because it is more rapid, less painful and the glycerniated extracts, used are more stable. However, Prick test can give false negative results, if not performed properly.

Diagnostic Kit- C for SPECIAL ALLERGEN / RESEARCH ALLERGEN : Special allergens recommened by doctors collected by the patients from their houses or work place are also prepared and supplied. Reaserch alleregen extracts are also prepared and supplied from the sample collected by research worker in order to help them in investigating new allergens.

Each extract is supplied with 3 sterile rubber capped neutral glass vials, contaning 5ml of 1:500 w/v Concentrations.



A Mixture of allergen extracts, dispensed strictly in accordance with the prescription of the physician. The mixture is supplied in sterile rubber capped neutral glass vials, containing 5.5 ml. In the concentration prescribed by the physicians, which should not exceed 1:50 w/v.

SUBLINGUAL IMMUNOTHERAPY : SLIT, is a form of immunotherapy that involves putting drops of allergen extracts under the tongue, then either swallowed or spat out. Most studies have looked at swallowing the extract, which seems to work better. Immunotherapy by the oral route (swallowed and not kept under the tongue for any period of time), causes too many gastrointestinal side effects (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), and therefore is not used.

Generally, SLIT is administered daily, or multiple times per week, over a period of years. Most patients are able to self-administer SLIT at home. Studies have looked at giving SLIT before a pollen season, during a pollen season, both or year-round. it is not yet known what the best dosing regimen is for SLIT.

SLIT appears to be effective in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and, to a lesser degree, allergic asthma.

Over the past 10 years, the safety of SLIT has been well documented. Serious and fatal reactions to  SLIT have not been reported to date. Mild side effects, such as an itchy mouth, occur in majority of people, and moderate side effects have been documented (1 in about every 12,000 doses), including:

  • lip,mouth and tongue irritation
  • eye itching, redness and swelling
  • nausea,vomiting,abdominal cramping and diarrhea
  • sneezing, nasal itching and congestion
  • asthma symptoms
  • uriticaria and angioedema

Because of the safety of SLIT, people generally treat themselves at home, and are followed in the clinic at close intervals to monitor response to treatment.


1 Dermatophagoides Farinae House Dust Mite
2 Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus -do-
  Pollen Botanical LOCAL NAME
3 Adhatoda vasica Bansa
4 Ageratum conyzoides Neelam
5 Ailanthus elselsa Urru,Ulloo
6 Albizzia lebbeck Siras
7 Amaranthus hybridus Chauli
8 Amaranthus spinous Kante Wali Chauli
9 Argemone mexicana Peeli Kanteli
10 Artemisis scorparia Barna,Sita Bani,Bano
11 Asphodelus tenuifolius Piazi
12 Azadirachta indica Neem
13 Brassica campestris Sarson
14 Broussonetia papyrifera Paper Mulberry
15 Cannabis sativa Bhang
16 Carica papaya Papita
17 Cassia fistula Amaltas
18 Cassia occidentalis Ban Bhantes
19 Cassia ciamea Kassod Tree
20 Cenchrus cilliaris Anjan
21 Chenopodium album Bathua
22 Chenopodium murale Kharbathua
23 Clerodendrum phlomidis Arani
24 Crataeva nurvala Barna
25 Cocos nucifera Coconut
26 Cynodon dactylon Dhoobghas
27 Cyperus rontundus Mothaghas
28 Dodanaea viscosa Vilayati Mehndi
29 Ehretia laevis Desi Papri
30 Euclyptus tereticornis Safeda
31 Gynandropsis gynandra Hulhul
32 Holoptelea integrifolia Chibil
33 Imperata cylindrica Silk Grass
34 Ipomoea fistulosa Behya
35 Kigela pinnata  
36 Law sonia enermis Mehndi
37 Maerua arenaria  
38 Melia azedarach Bukain
39 Morus alba Shahtoot
40 Partenuim hysterophrous Caroot Weeed/ Congress Grass
41 Pennisetuim typhoides Bajra
42 Prosopis juliflora Vilayati Kekra
43 Putranjiva roxburghii Pitrunjiva
44 Ranuculus sceleratus Jal Dhania
45 Ricinus communis Arand
46 Rumex dentatus Jangli Palak
47 Salvadora persica Pilu, Khanja
48 Sorghum vulgare Jowar
49 Suaeda fruticosa Bui, Lonia
50 Typha angustata Patera
51 Xanthium strumarium Biccha, Kutta, Chirchitta
52 Zea mays Makai
53 Ant Cheenti
54 Aulacophora Lal Bundi
55 Bumble Bee Bhanvra
56 Butterfly Titli
57 Cantheroid Beetle  
58 Cockroach (Female) Tilchatta (Mada)
59 Cockroach (Male) Tilchatta (Nar)
60 Cricket Jhingur
61 Dragon Fly Helicopter
62 Grass Hopper hara Tidda
63 Honey bee Madhu Makkhi
64 Hornet Lal Tataiya
65 Housefly Gharelu Makkhi
66 Jassids Kapas ka Hara Tidda
67 Locust (Female) Tiddi (Mada)
68 Locust (Male) Tiddi (Nar)
69 Mosquitoes Machhar (Culex)
70 Moth Parwana
71 Rice Weevil Sursuri
72 Yellow Wasp Peela Tatiya
73 Acrothecium sp.  
74 Alternaria tenuis  
75 Aspergillus flavus  
76 Asperguillus fumingatus  
77 Asperguillus niger  
78 Aspergillus tamarii  
79 Aspergillus versicolor  
80 Candida albicans  
81 Cladosporum herbarum  
82 Curvularia lunata  
83 Drechslera tetramera  
84 Epicocum nigrum  
85 Fusarium solanii  
86 Helminthosporium sp.  
87 Mucor mucedo  
88 Neurospora sitophila  
89 Nigrospora oryzea  
90 Pencillium sp.  
91 Phoma betae  
92 Rhizopus nigricans  
93 Trichoderma sps.  
94 Cotton Mill Dust  
95 Flax Fibre Dust  
96 Grain Dust (Bajra)  
97 Grain Dust (Jowar)  
98 Grain Dust (Rice)  
99 Grain Dust (Wheat)  
100 Hay Dust  
101 House Dust  
102 Paper Dust  
103 Straw Dust  
104 Spider Web Dust  
105 Thrashing Dust (Bajra)  
106 Thrashing Dust (Wheat)  
107 Buffalo Dander  
108 Cat Dander  
109 Cow Dander  
110 Dog Dander  
111 Horse Dander  
112 Human Dander  
113 Jute  
114 Kapok Cotton  
115 Silk (Raw)  
116 Sheep Wool  
117 Wool (Mixed)  
118 Chicken Feather  
119 Pegeon Feather  
120 Almonds  
121 Arneca Nut  
122 Bajra  
123 Bakers Yeast  
124 Bengal Gram  
125 Black Pepper  
126 Cardamom (Large)  
127 Cardamom (Small)  
128 Cashew Nut  
129 Chocolate  
130 Cinnamon  
131 Clove  
132 Coconut Dry  
133 Coffee Beans  
134 Coriander  
135 Cummin  
136 Dal Arhar  
137 Dal Masoor  
138 Dal Moong  
139 Dal Moth  
140 Rajma  
141 Dal Raungi  
142 Dal Urad  
143 Groundnut  
144 Gum Acacia  
145 Jowar  
146 Kabuli Chana  
147 Kattha  
148 Licorice  
149 Lobhia  
150 Mustard  
151 Pista  
152 Rice  
153 Soyabean Flour  
154 Saunf  
155 Sonth  
156 Tamarind  
157 Tyrmeric  
158 Tea  
159 Walnut  
160 Wheat  
161 Apple  
162 Banana (Ripe)  
163 Beans Fresh  
164 Cabbage  
165 Citrus (Lemon)  
166 Cheeku  
167 Dhania leaves  
168 Drumstick  
169 Garlic  
170 Ginger  
171 Lady's Finger  
172 Mustard Leaves  
173 Mango (Ripe)  
174 Mushroom  
175 Onion  
176 Orange  
177 Papaya (Ripe)  
178 Potato  
179 Radish  
180 Tomato  
181 Milk  
182 Egg.White (1:1000 conc.)  
183 Chicken (1:1000 conc.)  
184 Fish (1:1000 conc.)  
185 Mutton (1:1000 conc.)  
186 Prawn (1:1000 conc.)  
187 Pinewood  
188 Plywood  
189 Saalwood  
190 Shisham Wood  
191 Teakwood  
192 Brewer's Yeast  
193 Parthenium Leaves  
194 Tobacco