Our Business

All Cure Pharma Pvt Ltd is one of the leading companies in the field of allergen manufactures in India. We provide diagnostic and therapeutic allergens for IgE mediated allergic diseases by regulatory agency.

Our portfolio includes a diverse spectrum of approved allergens that meet high quality standards of allergens. We carry out thorough analyses and inspections to ensure a consistently high quality of allergens.

All cure pharma offers wide range of allergens, Company provides Physicians specific tools needed to identify the substances causing an allergy. In addition, we provide special allergen/research allergen extracts, which are needed to treat less frequent allergies on demand from researchers/Physicians.

All cure pharma presence is across India. All major states and cities in India currently covered by us. Infact in order to maintain potency and quality of our products we supply our vials in ice gel pack (maintaining cold chain) for 48 hours.

The majority of allergic patients today are still treated with pharmacotherapy (e.g. Antihistamines) which for the time being reduces the symptoms of allergy but cannot stop the progression of the disease, there is need for product which not only relief the symptoms but also stop the progression.

Our products will dramatically improve the quality of life of patients by offering long-term cure for the disease.

We develop allergy vaccines or allergens with superior efficacy and safety profile. These allergens are based on advanced science for Immunotherapy and prophylaxis that we generate in support with our academic partners. We collaborate with leading allergy specialist to develop allergy treatment solutions for the patient benefits.